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Excellent Rating
Kevin V.
helped Earthquake R.
23, May 2022
Except I was misdirected here and now I have to come back and cancel my recurring subscription lest I get billed $200.00 per year.
23, May 2022
Anthony R.
helped Joe A.
23, May 2022
Anthony was very helpful.
23, May 2022
Quan C.
helped Debi B.
23, May 2022
He was a great rep but couldn't help me
23, May 2022
Brandi L.
helped Bonnie S.
23, May 2022
Didn’t solve my problem
23, May 2022
Mary S.
helped Christopher T.
23, May 2022
I was pleased with the call, she's going to do research and call back Thank you.
23, May 2022
Wendy D.
helped William T.
23, May 2022
23, May 2022
Sanford J.
helped Joan H.
23, May 2022
Dissatisfied with Service
23, May 2022
Andrew G.
helped Willie W.
23, May 2022
In need to speak to a customer service representative
23, May 2022
Prince J.
helped Richard R.
23, May 2022
Expert Not I've been on the phone with you guys two times today this morning already I'm trying to make sure my membership got canceled cuz I cancel it last week I don't want my account charged today because it'll be overdrawn it will put a hurting on me I am out of town right now and can't do anything so please do not charge me for my membership I cancel it last week and never received the email to verifying it itHelpful
23, May 2022
Michael W.
helped Lisa L.
23, May 2022
The guy that I talked to said he was going to give me the number to Paramount plus and then he fucking hung up on me so he gets one star and you know what I better not be on your account because I don't like using this I hate this service every time I call to get Paramount plus I get connected to you people and then I get charged a monthly fee of $6 in 99 cents and you know something I don't even use you Google puts me to you don't put me on an account cancel this account please fucking what
23, May 2022
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