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Kristian S.
helped Travis J.
02, Aug 2021
awesome get help and super quick and very knowledgeable, get lady...
02, Aug 2021
Kristie L.
helped Marcus P.
01, Aug 2021
Very nice young lady. Got the info I needed. Thank you Kristy.
01, Aug 2021
Thomas P.
helped Gabriel T.
01, Aug 2021
Fantastic service and straight to the point! Also very inclusive with information.
01, Aug 2021
Bradford B.
helped Mitchell F.
31, Jul 2021
Man! great advice and communication skill set on info me with confidence to continue at completing my vehicle repairs??am very thankful 6ya??Lord??King??Jesus!!?always had faith in ya service??
31, Jul 2021
David S.
helped Maria C.
31, Jul 2021
Well we didn’t resolve my issues but Monday I will go to my insurance office, Uber and other offices to search for the claim that someone has. It a frustration that we can’t talk or communicate with anyone in Uber, Lyft,or the claimant insurance thanks mr David
31, Jul 2021
Kazuna N.
helped Leo P.
31, Jul 2021
I signed up to 6ya by mistake. I'm trying to pay an insurance premium. Not sign up for computer & internet tech service.
31, Jul 2021
Michael P.
helped Karan S.
31, Jul 2021
He did help with information on what I needed to have to be able to continue with trying to log in to the account
31, Jul 2021
Darrio H.
helped Karen P.
31, Jul 2021
Cardio was very nice however all he did was give me a phone number. I had no idea I was paying for this service. I had been shifted around so many times to different people I did not understand what 6ya was. I will be unsubscribing with Pay Pal asap.
31, Jul 2021
David N.
helped Daniell K.
31, Jul 2021
He called me right away. Was knowledgeable and told me what to do. And said if it doesn't fix my problem to call back.
31, Jul 2021
Andrew S.
helped Nancy B.
30, Jul 2021
Andrew was very patient. However I did not realize there was a fee for the help. I will never patronize ArticCool ever again.
30, Jul 2021
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