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Kristian S.
helped Kathleen K.
06, Jun 2022
Kristian was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very personable. she is utterly amazing. thank you all so very much, sincerely, Kathleen Klimek
06, Jun 2022
Andrew G.
helped Brenda M.
12, May 2022
Very kind, polite and helpful. Thank you. We older people sometimes need help andyou were terrific.
12, May 2022
Aysha S.
helped Martin J.
12, Apr 2022
Very professional, polite, and courteous! Need to be promoted!
12, Apr 2022
Jean C.
helped Robert J.
10, Apr 2022
Jean Was very courteous and very helpful I would recommend to use her as often as possible
10, Apr 2022
Cleveland D.
helped Charles Z.
07, Feb 2022
Cleveland knows. Great customer service. Thank you.
07, Feb 2022
Liz G.
helped Dennis R.
28, Jan 2022
Good work! Don’t want to print a card. Want to cancel and refund on my card. This shuffle between you and Uber is ……..!
28, Jan 2022
David A.
helped Terrance R.
28, Jan 2022
Even though Uber wasn’t able to help, Dave was outstanding in his concern ,directions and suggestions ??????????
28, Jan 2022
Brandon T.
helped Edgardo N.
26, Jan 2022
He has been more than a blessing in this life of mine keep up the good work Brandon you're the best at this thank you
26, Jan 2022
Kevaughn J.
helped Ricky G.
23, Jan 2022
He did a good job . I don’t need your assissatance any more so quit texting and emailing me
23, Jan 2022
Shane A.
helped Ann M.
11, Jan 2022
Explained everything well and was so very nice!
11, Jan 2022
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