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Excellent Rating
Amiyah O.
helped A.J. C.
26, Sep 2021
She got me to the right place. I liked her. She’s cute.
26, Sep 2021
Lloyd E.
helped Roy W.
26, Sep 2021
Knowledgeable and quick to explain error message.
26, Sep 2021
Halbert A.
helped Richard B.
16, Sep 2021
He did an wonderful job, a great help, and a great person to have on your team.
16, Sep 2021
Cleveland B.
helped Linda K.
30, Aug 2021
Cleveland was very polite and knowledgeable helped us quickly!
30, Aug 2021
Jovani C.
helped John M.
28, Aug 2021
He was very nice and helpful to us! Thanks, Jovani!!
28, Aug 2021
Petétra C.
helped Deborah M.
23, Aug 2021
Very helpful and professional Nice and polite. Would recommend her. Loved talking to her and she answered all my questions. Thank you
23, Aug 2021
Cleveland D.
helped KENNETH M.
11, Aug 2021
Seems t I be very knowledgeable about television and will do the research. What I didn't like was somehow we got disconnected and he didn't call back to finish.
11, Aug 2021
Marcelino L.
helped Bertha H.
24, Jul 2021
You are doing a good job I got in thanks ??
24, Jul 2021
Demeatres F.
helped Barbara J.
12, Jul 2021
He was totally wonderful. So patient and understanding. Your company is lucky to have him. His perseverance and knowledge were amazing.
12, Jul 2021
Moses B.
helped Dena M.
08, Jul 2021
Moses was a great source of information and directed me to contact Samsung.
08, Jul 2021
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