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Excellent Rating
Andrew S.
helped David A.
15, Oct 2021
He was prompt and answer my questions succinctly.
15, Oct 2021
Michael P.
helped Cris E.
15, Oct 2021
Quickly answered my questions. Unable to tell me the cost.
15, Oct 2021
Matthew S.
helped John D.
14, Oct 2021
In spite of attempts we were unable to resolve the issues so Matthew provided me with email addresses to facebook support and all my emails to the addresses came back to me "Your message couldn't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted to authenticated senders. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin." This is JUST TOO CRAZY and I am left with no resources even ! ! ! Anyway good attempt Matthew........
14, Oct 2021
Anand S.
helped Thomas B.
14, Oct 2021
I had an excellent phone tech and he tried multiple strategies to solve the problem my tv was having. He finally found the problem which allowed the tv to work correctly !
14, Oct 2021
Eric W.
helped Lois I.
14, Oct 2021
Thanks a bunch. Perfect instructions to clean heads. It is working great!!
14, Oct 2021
Allan H.
helped Linda H.
14, Oct 2021
The gentleman was very nice but now I can’t use my wish account anymore I’m sad
14, Oct 2021
Felicia D.
helped Margaret A.
14, Oct 2021
Very helpful. Very clear instructions. Great job. Thanks
14, Oct 2021
Joel C.
helped Gloria T.
14, Oct 2021
Joel told me what the company does. I want to cancel I did not really know what it did until i talked to Joel.. Please cancel my membership. Gloria Turner /
14, Oct 2021
Alfred B.
helped Veronica A.
14, Oct 2021
So wonderful to have an expert person to consult who is also very pleasant and patient! Thank you again!
14, Oct 2021
Richard P M.
helped Joseph S.
13, Oct 2021
Richard was very informative and very helpful. He solved my problem very quickly.
13, Oct 2021
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