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Excellent Rating
Ingrid S.
helped Tracy E.
11, Aug 2022
she's helping me get my money back since I CANCELED IT ON THE SAME DAY
11, Aug 2022
Stephanie S.
helped Lawrence H.
11, Aug 2022
As expected but still need to change my discovery plus plan to commercial free
11, Aug 2022
Andrew S.
helped Rose S.
11, Aug 2022
Andrew was helpful but my issue has not yet been resolved.
11, Aug 2022
Deshon H.
helped Gary G.
11, Aug 2022
Deshon was awesome, though my issue is still pending resolve. He has given me a plant to attempt to do that.
11, Aug 2022
Donda P.
helped Karen S.
11, Aug 2022
Thanks to Donda payment will now be returned. A huge thanks to her
11, Aug 2022
Michael W.
helped Carmen H.
10, Aug 2022
Was a great help in getting me in the right direction.
10, Aug 2022
Felicia H.
helped Doug M.
10, Aug 2022
Very pleasant to talk to and lots of help.
10, Aug 2022
Sav S.
helped Larry H.
10, Aug 2022
Didn't get the help I wanted, but I will try her way.
10, Aug 2022
Joshua C.
helped Yvonne L.
10, Aug 2022
I finally fixed the problem. Not being able to READ Spanish…. There was one line I could read,,, I hand to go online to Amazon, com/my account/activate..,, there I entered the code on my TV screen into my online my account…, now everything was written in English….
10, Aug 2022
Rolando F.
helped Kimberly J.
10, Aug 2022
Super helpful guy totally calming and clear
10, Aug 2022
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