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Excellent Rating
Shamir G.
helped Lea C.
03, Dec 2021
I shouldn’t have e mailed you as I just need a battery but am getting some help ty
03, Dec 2021
Brandon T.
helped Ida B.
03, Dec 2021
Very kind and courtesy He helped me solve my problem 10
03, Dec 2021
Shane A.
helped Robert E.
03, Dec 2021
Shane help me very much and directing me in the right direction to renew my membership thank you
03, Dec 2021
Jeremy C.
helped Rose S.
03, Dec 2021
He was very helpful and polite I would give a rating of10 thank you
03, Dec 2021
Bradford B.
helped Wendy W.
02, Dec 2021
Patience kind Bradford went over and beyond trying to help me answered all my questions and trying to help me obtain a ride
02, Dec 2021
Jovani C.
helped Jose O.
02, Dec 2021
I talk to Jovani. C he's was a great help with my problem good service I
02, Dec 2021
Undra B.
helped Penny H.
02, Dec 2021
Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.
02, Dec 2021
Robert C.
helped HELEN B.
02, Dec 2021
Robert was an excellent advocate for Microsoft, it was my pleasure speaking with him. He was very professional. Thank you Robert
02, Dec 2021
Lola A.
helped William M.
01, Dec 2021
Clone Lola. She is the first one to help me. Thank you Lola.
01, Dec 2021
Tameka B.
helped Suzanne S.
01, Dec 2021
Tameka, saved me from insanity i went through last night. Getting YouTube TV installed. Thank You so much Tameka!!!
01, Dec 2021
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