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Shera G.
helped Cynthia E.
04, Aug 2021
The lady i talked to was awesome and called.
04, Aug 2021
Andrew S.
helped DIANE E.
03, Aug 2021
No I got the call and he was super helpful
03, Aug 2021
Felicia D.
helped Francine C.
03, Aug 2021
Tried to answer problem, but I need to wait a couple days to see if my bank processes the receipt. Very very professional.
03, Aug 2021
Kevin V.
helped Edie J.
03, Aug 2021
Kevin has been great in trying to help me. We haven't solved the problem yet and are stlll working on it. He is being very patient with me.
03, Aug 2021
Justin P.
helped Glen J.
02, Aug 2021
polite knowledgeable gave me the proper sequence to bleed the brakes very helpful would highly recommend and will call again
02, Aug 2021
Curtis M.
helped George K.
02, Aug 2021
No success at all with my issue, but I give Curtis 5 Stars for doing his very best at exploring every option he could think of.
02, Aug 2021
David N.
helped Dolores B.
02, Aug 2021
Thanks so very much, Dave! May you and your family stay very well!! ??
02, Aug 2021
Daniel S.
helped Evile M.
02, Aug 2021
The payment issue for non service used has been resolved quickly. Indeed, his work is priceless. I thank you for your time and consideration.
02, Aug 2021
David A.
helped Brandon L.
02, Aug 2021
David was Wonderful!! So kind and helpful. Thank you!!
02, Aug 2021
Nick L.
helped Warren G.
02, Aug 2021
He was very helpful and together we figured out where to find the mounting screws that hold unit in place. Also advised that unit is very heavy and to get help when removing the microwave unit.
02, Aug 2021
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