No dial tone...but can hear the tv We have the Uniden 2.4 GHz, Model DCX700...base plus 2 expandable phones. We have the base phone sitting by the TV in the family room and one expanable base is on the other side of the room. We've had these phones for several months...sitting in these same spots. Suddenly yesterday, these phones aren't ringing nor do they have a dial tone. However, if you pick them up and hit "Talk", you can hear the TV through the phone. I know this sounds stupid...but it is TRUE! Any suggestions? NRaye

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move the Base unit away from the TV. Check if ADSL filter in use may need to replace one or all ADSL filters
2.4 GHZ hmmm do you have 802.11 BNG WI FI in use with any of your computers ???
2.4 Ghz is a problem as computer WI FI uses this frequency as well !
check the line cord is plugged in to the base unit
Check base has power
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