Samsung side by side srs580dw stops freezing and chilling Our fridge has done this same thing twice now. It runs fine for a few weeks and then all of a sudden the freezer and fridge stop working. We can still here motors and fans running and the indicators or the front work although the temp will not show that it is going up it stays at the temp it was whe when it quit, ie -20 and 3. Then all of a sudden three days later it starts up again for no reason. What can we do to resolve this please!

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Since the temps on the display don't show correctly I'd assume something is wrong with that. If the temps are sending info out that the unit is OK and at proper temp (when it's not) then the compressor won't turn on because it thinks the fridge is cold enough. Soooo... I'd suspect that control board. It's item 48 on this diagram
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