My freezer is working but my Fridge is warm? My profile is 3.5 years old and for some reason the fridge is at 86 degrees and is constantly warm but the freezer is working? GE is supposed to come look at it friday...any ideas of what I might be looking at? Thanks All!

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13 Jan, 2007

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Sounds like a typical air flow (circulation) problem. This can be due to an evaporator fan not working, a frozen up coil not allowing air flow over it (due to failed defrost system, etc.) or even the damper for the fridge section stuck closed not allowing cold air from the freezer in. The first thing is to check the evap. fan to make sure it's running. It's easy to take the rear interior of the freezer section off and check for fan operation, solid ice on the coils, etc. If the coils have a nice white frost pattern all over then that's ok, but if they are frozen solid block where the air can't flow over them it's a defrost timer, defrost t-stat or defrost heat element (not likely) issue. Usually it's the t-stat or timer that goes out. The t-stat is easy to visually check to see if it's epoxy is "popped" out and of course a continuity check to be sure. The defrost timer is just a swap out sort of thing, not much to test there.
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