Refrigerator is not cold but freezer is still operating. My refrigerator is no longer getting cold although it sounds like the compressor is running. This has been the case for about 2 days now. The freezer (bottom mount) is still working fine. Any ideas? This refrigerator was purchased in April of 2005, so is less than 2 years old.

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Couple things, both doing with air flow. If the fan in the lower freezer isn't working there will be no cold air moved into the upper fridge. If the defrost cycle happens to be dead then the coils down there will freeze solid and there can be no air flow over them to cool the upper area. You'll have to pull the lower drawer out and take off the interior rear panel to check these things. Hopefully it's just that the fan motor went out. It's real easy to change. Let me know what you find, if the coil is all iced up solid then there's more things you need to look into.
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