Water leaking from left side ice/water dispenser Water is leaking from the bottom of the plastic housing below the dispenser area. Turning the icemaker off seems to resolve the problem until it's turned back on. Icemaker still works fine but water is leaking in the front while it's on.

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If you describe a constant flow of water from the ice maker then the solenoid valve is either leaking by when it's upposed to be off or the motor module is stuck in the "fill" position. If it was stuck in fill you would be getting a LOT of water all the time so if you only have a trickle then the solenoid valve may be letting water leak by it. The diagram here shows the parts for a better idea of what you may need to look at (and where it's at). http://www.partselect.com/Schematics/Frigidaire/SZGBPCQH.gif
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