Water Dispenser freezes Our water dispenser freezes preventing us from being to getting water although the ice maker seems to be fine. We keep the freezer on the lowest setting but at least 2 or 3 times a week we have to turn it off completely to allow the water line to thaw out. Aside from being annoying this is the only complaint/problem we have. Any tips or advice on why this keeps happening? thanks

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08 Jan, 2007

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If you pull back the gaskets along the door and see screws you can take the million of them off and move the tubing farther away from the interior door surface along with adding some fiberglass or foam insulation to keep the cold away. Usually what happens is the heating element for that area fails and the tubes freeze up. If your door is a "foamed in place" door without any screws to separate the interior part off the doors exterior then the only thing is to change the whole door for about $320 bucks. Other than that the only way to access a foamed in place door is to actually cut into the plastic interior to reach the tubing, insulate it better, then use the expoxy repair kit to glue the piece back on. Not pretty but cheaper than a new door.
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