No Cycling Hi My Asko dishwasher does not go through the normal cycles. Irrespective of the cleaning cycle selected, all it does is fill with water and then drain....nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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09 Jan, 2007

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It sounds like you have a bad circulation pump. If it is getting full, then sits for a while, then drains then the circulation pump is not running. In order to access it you will need to pull the dishwasher out of its hole and then remove the lower cover that is held on by 4 or 6 screws in the back of the machine. when you pull that cover you will see a pump at the very back center. Run the dishwasher and after it fills, check for 108v (or more) at the two wires of the pump connector. If you do not havwe 108 volts or more, then you have either a bad control board or a broken wire in the bottom front of the door. If you do have power, then you have a bad circulation pump (most likely) To change the pump you either have to cut the 2 non-reuseable clamps off without damaging the 2 short hoses and replace them with regular worm clampr when you put it back together (available at any auto parts store) If it is the newer style pump the all you have to do is push the release tab and rotate the motor about 1/3 turn clockwise or counter clockwise look at the new pupm when you get it for which way to turn it and the location of the release tab) and then rotate the new one into place, making sure you put the oring seal back in and greased it with some dich soap. The onlty place i know of to get parts for these in the states is american appliance in Denver, Colorado and the # is 303 777 0993. Post back if you have any questions and good luck!
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