Freezer working fine, but Refrigerator no longer cooling The top half just stopped working right, about a day ago. The bottom half is working just fine. I've tried clearing thing away from the Multi-Flow vents, cleaning the rear vents, and unplugging the unit for a few minutes, hoping to "restart" the system. Any ideas?

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Sounds like there's an airflow problem to the top section. Things that cause no cold air to the top fridge section are... frozen up coils completely blocking most of air flow (defrost cycle not working), evap fan not working to blow air up to fridge, air control dampers in fridge closed or not working properly, or frozen air ducts supply/return. Pull the whole drawer out the bottom and take the rear inside back off to expose the coils. If they are frozen solid the defrost t-stat or defrost timer could be bad (heat element not usually bad). If there is a nice white frost all over evenly then that's OK. Check that the fan is running when the compressor is running to blow the air up and that there are no blocked air ducts, etc. If all that is good, check if you can feel good air flow from the upper vents with the lower door closed (that shows there is no blockage and the fan is running).
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