Frigidaire side by side My frigidaire side by side model no FRS26LF7DS7 has suddenly stopped cooling. The fan still runs and I hear a click and the condensor comes on and stays on for a minute then a loud click and it shuts off again. I had never heard the click before when the refrigerator came on. Up until this morning it was cooling fine. I can tell the click is in the switch connected to the condensor motor.

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06 Jan, 2007

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The compressor sounds like the start device went bad. When that happens there is the "click" during trying to start, but since it can't the compressor overheats in time and then the thermal overload opens to protect it from overheating. Take the back lower panel off the refer and see if the compressor is really hot to the touch. If you have a little white colored box on the left side of the compressor pull it off and shake it... if it rattles and debris falls out you know it's bad. There is a kit that replaces it and it's real easy to install yourself. If you have a compressor that has a little blue indian head symbol on it however... your compressor is toast. Once they overheat they're done. If you have any other brand name you should be OK with a simple start device change out.
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