Digital Tempeture numbers off Hi i had with my LG LRBN22514st Freezer Refrigerator bout a year, a few days ago the digital tempeture numbers when crazy all the refri numbers when off and the freezer numbers are ON from the 5 till 7...till this moment i had no problems cooling food or freezing it...but im worry about the digital tempeture divice cuase if i unpluged the Refri and pluged again it the divice start working fine again but just for a few hours. Any Sugestions????? HELP PLS!!! Regards, Genaro.

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Those control boards are sort of flakey and any kind of power surge, etc. can really goof them up. If you check under the very bottom of the fridge there should be a technical sheet taped up to the underside in a plastic bag. Take that out and read it to see if there is a test reset you can do before replacing the board.
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