Refrigerator stopped working, freezer works fine Our 2 year our Jenn-air French Door fridge suddenly stopped cooling in the upper (refrigerator) compartment. The bottom freezer compartment works fine (-20F). We have tried unplugging and repluggin the power cord. No change. We hear a hum inside the fridge, but do not think the compressor is running, since the whole unit is much too quiet and is not vibrating at all. Lights are on inside the Fridge. We have also tried running the thermostat up and down to min and max settings? Any other simple suggestions or is it repairman time?

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Sounds like the evap fan is not running. The fan takes cold air from the freezer to cool the refer compartment. If the freezer is cold the compressor is running. Generally the freezer will stay cold since the cooling coils are there but it must have the fan working to get the air up to the refer area. Pull everything out the freezer and take the back panel off to view the coils and fan, etc. It's a simple easy job to change the fan. If you find the coils are a total block of ice then it's another problem... the defrost cycle isn't working. Sooo... see if the fan is running in the freezer compartment first. See for fan location, item 18 is the fan motor. Let us know what you find out.
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