Asko D1796 will not start properly My Asko D1796 all of a sudden after 3 years of flawless operation will not start. I turn the power on, select the cycle and start it. It makes the draining noise for a few seconds and instead of filling up with water, the heating element comes on. I've tried turning it on and off. Cutting the power at the circuit breaker and it doesn't change. Even if I select the rinse and hold cycle with no heat involved it does the exact same thing and the heating element comes on. Please help. I just had a party and my dishwasher is full and my 3 year warranty just expired. What happened?

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It sounds as if you may have A bad control board. It could be causing the heater element to come on when its not supposed to (usually a stuck relay) and not filling the machine with water. you could also have a bad control board AND a bad fill valve, as a stuck relay for the heater shouldn't affect the fill valve circuit. The bad news is that these asko control boards are $350 to $450 for just the part, the good news is that the control board is under a 5 year warranty (for only the part, not the labor to change it) as are the pump motors and any timers. Also, if you are just out of warranty, find your date of installation, as asko warranties start when you install it, not when you buy it (if you moved into the house and it was there when you moved in, and you are the first owner, submit a date of occupancy and that's when your warranty started)
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