Fridge/Frezer stop working Both the fridge and freezer stop working no matter how low you adjust the temperature setting. All the other components (indicator, lighting) seems work fine. Everything inside melt down. The fridge/freezer is less than 3 year old, looks like new. Model: ZX 56/4 W. Wonder what component is in fault. Thanks for help.

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Can you tell if the compressor (black soccer ball looking thing in the rear of the unit) is running? Is it really hot? Is the little fan running near it? If the compressor isn't running it won't cool. Also check that the coil in the freezer section isn't frozen solid blocking all air flow inside the unit. The other thing is that the defrost cycle may be "stuck" so it thinks it should be defrosting (therefore not running the compressor, etc.) Lots of things to check but that info will help decide which way to go so post what you find please.
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