Changing the inputs I am connecting multiple devices (dvd, vcr, gamecube) into my tv. I am using the s-video for the dvd, input 1 for vcr and input 2 for the gamecube. As I change the input channel to each device, my tv won't bring up the INPUT-1 channel. I can get the S-VIDEO and INPUT-2, but not INPUT-1. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Do I need to reset the channels? thanx

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08 Sep, 2017

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It might depend on the type of input. VCR often use A/V or component cables. if you are using AV (red, white, yellow) make sure they are plugged into the right input. if plugging in to a component (white, red, green, blue, red) make sure the yellow plug goes into the green input. If plugging in component make sure your red wires are not backwards. There should be a white and red together (these are the audio) and a green blue red together (these are video)
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