Compressor help I have a Kenmore refrigerator, When you plug it in the compressor will come on for a few secounds and then kick off. Is my compressor bad?

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30 Dec, 2006

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If the compressor is real hot, caused by lack of cooling air and the thermal overload is what's tripping try letting it sit for several hours to cool and try again (clean the front lower coils for proper air flow). If that's not it then you likely have a "start device" failure. The kit comes with the overload and starter. Usually this is the problem BUT if you have a "Tecumseh" brand compressor you're toast. Take the back panel off the fridge and look at the compressor, if you have a little sticker on it with an blue indian head... the compressor is locked up (and even a new one is just as junk as this one). But if you have another brand the little white box on the left could be the problem. Unplug the fridge, unplug the little box (starter) and shake it to see if you hear any rattling or if debris falls out... a sure sign the device is bad.
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