Defrost cycles too much + water freezing in icemaker supply tube I have a Kenmore 51552 that has frozen the icemaker supply tube a couple of times. The first 2 times, I opened the door and used a hairdryer to melt the ice in supply tube and everything went back to normal. Now (months later) the defrost is cycling too much, and the freezer reverts between thawing food out and making a protective frost layer on everything. You can hear the unit cycling 24/7 between cooling and defrost. From my basic understanding, it has to be either the defrost thermometer or the timer, but looking through parts for this model only reference a control unit and thermometer. I also read an earlier post that indicated my original problem of the frozen supply tube may be a leaking valve. Are all these related, or are they separate problems? Any ideas on what to replace first? I'd rather not go through the hassle of scheduling a service call, sitting at home, and then getting boned if it's just a few simple parts I can change out myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year! pm

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They do make a kit that has a "heat wire" to warm the ice maker fill tube, pretty easy to install. What happens is freezing air gets up behind the fill tube for an inch or two. First try pulling down on the tube 1/4" or so and putting silicone up inside around the tube then press it back up in place. That should keep the cold air from making its way up there. If your defrost cycle is going nuts and you have a control board type... the control board decides when to defrost so it can be bad. The thermistor reads the temp. on the coil which tells the board the temps. The thermistor is checked by an ohm meter and placing the little thermistor probe end into say iced water, the ohms will change s l o w l y as the thermistor is reading the temp until it finally stables out at the actual temp of the water. The control board is (for most homeowners) just a swap out replacement option.
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