No water, no ice, no light I installed a new filter, then started the flushing process. After the first quart, I was briefly interrupted, and when I returned to continue flushing, I got less than a pint, along with lots of air, then nothing. I tried removing and then reinstalling the new filter. It sounded like water was moving into the filter when I did it, but still got no response when I tried dispensing water again. I also tried removing the new filter, and reinstalling the old one. Again, it sounded like a bit of water was flowing into the filter, but I still got no response when pressing on the dispenser lever. Then I noticed the dispenser light no longer works, nor my ice dispenser. Both levers click when I press them in, but no other sounds are apparent. The dispenser lock is in the unlocked position. The water filter indicator light is on, and both refrigerator and freezer are working, along with both internal lights. Is the water and ice dispenser section on its own fuse? Other ideas or suggestions?

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30 Dec, 2006

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No fuses sorry (I wish there were). Read the owners manual and see if you can run without a filter, some models auto bypass with the filter removed. Soooo.. for water you need the main solenoid valve to work, the water dispenor solenoid valve to work, the lines open & not kinked, etc., and the door switches to make contact, etc. If you can take the line apart right under the left side (near the floor) that goes up inside the door (should be a quick connect fitting there) try disconnecting it and press the water dispensor again. If ya get water there, you know the issue is in the door tubing. If you get nothing, can you hear the solenoid clicking when you press the lever? If no solenoid noise the fountain control board may be bad (or stuck in lock mode...). Let us know what you find and we'll go from there.
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