Samsung Model No.RS2533SW Refrigerator The evaporator coil keeps freezing up on refrigerator side of my appliance. This refrigerator has a duel cooling system. I replaced the fan motor but that didnt help. The coil doesnt seem to have a defrost mechenism on it. Am I missing it? I go to the part web site and cant find a heater fot the coil. Can you help?

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29 Dec, 2006

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The evap coil freezing up is likely due to the defrost cycle not working. The little defrost t-stat looks like a little disc with wires coming out of epoxy. If that is swollen or the expoxy is popped up at all it's bad. You can check it for continuity if you have a multimeter. The next thing would be the defrost timer itself that is bad, the last and least likely item to fail is the heating element itself, you can also check it for the proper ohm value to make sure it's OK.
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