Frigidaire FRT18HB5DW2 fridge not cooling My Frigidaire is just 1 yr old and the fridge could not cool down since 2 days ago. temp keeps at about 55f., but the freezer (on top) is working good. Anyone can help? thanks1

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Sounds like an air flow problem to the lower unit. Take the sheetmetal or plastic rear cover off the freezer back wall and make sure the coils are frosted up good and even but NOT a block of ice inches thick (air needs to circulate and a blocked coil won't let air move over it efficiently). Make sure the fan is running to move the air around. In the fridge area make sure the air dampers are letting the cold air from the freezer down to the fridge compartment. Depending on what you find will determine the next steps so let us know.
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