Pump Blocked - Cannot open/remove cap The Washer says that the pump is blocked. The manual says that I can open the pump cap and clear out whatever is blocking the pump (lint/loose change etc. that might be stuck there). However, I cannot open the pump cap? I can turn it about a 1/4 circle and then it does not budge! Any ideas?

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Just had the same issue. I was able to turn it about half a turn and then it felt really stuck. Going through some of the reviews here I decided to turn the damn thing as hard as I could( used a screw driver) and kept turning it, at some point it got stuck again, so I used even more power... It took about 5 or 6 coplete turns, and then you just need to pull it towards you and it pulls out.
In my case, I found a sock wraped all around the screw inside the cap, which was the reason it was so hard to pull out in the first place.
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