Side by Side Refrigerator Always dispenses crushed ice regardless of setting Hello all, I have a GE TFX28FBDA model refrigerator, ~10 yrs old. It only dispenses crushed ice even if the setting is for ice cubes. I opened the freezer door and removed the tray. It took a few minutes but I noticed that that there is a long metal rod that runs from the front of the ice tray to the rear which needs to be engaged for the ice to bypass the ice crushing blades. I have done some research online and found that there is a solenoid which engages this bar when the cubed ice option is chosen. The hole where this metal bar fits in the back of the refrigerator has ice coming out of it (not a lot but enough to surround the plastic piece). I chipped the ice away and the solenoid began to work (I held the door button down making it think the door was closed). I saw the solenoid engage. I placed the ice tray back in the freezer and I GOT ICE CUBES to come out instead of crushed ice. I thought it was fixed. The problem is that the plastic piece that engages the metal rod was again "frozen" and not engaging the next morning. Can someone tell me if there might be a solution to this icing problem? Does the refrigerator just need to be defrosted? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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26 Dec, 2006

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I know it will be a pain but take it apart again and lube the metal shaft in the solenoid and the plastic slide with petrolium jelly, that should keep it from freezing up. It's what we do...
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