Ice maker won't stop making ice My ice maker continues to make ice even when the bin is full. Ice then overflows the bin and drops into the rest of the freezer. It doesn't appear that the lever arm is raising when the bin gets full. There is a separate wire that loops over the bottom of the lever arm, but it seems to just rotate back and forth and doesn't appear to help to raise the lever arm. I've tried taking off the separate wire, in case it was just getting caught in the ice, preventing the arm from raising, but that does no good either. I've also tried removing the shelf just above the ice maker, in case it was preventing the arm from raising, but the bin still overflowed.

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26 Dec, 2006

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OK, there's two possible issues but you have to figure out what is happening. Does the ice maker continue to make ice forever and would fill up the whole freezer section in time OR does the ice maker just "over make" ice that overfills the bin which then falls out? If the ice maker just keeps making ice you need the motor module replaced but if it can be turned off by moving the lever up then you need the "modified lever assy." that is on our service bulletins.
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