Water/Ice Dispenser is not working We just moved in Friday and our landlord has no idea why the water doesn't dispense and the ice isn't being made. I checked the water line from the wall and the water is flowing just fine...so the fridge is getting water. My landlord has removed the filter, but hasn't put a new one back in yet...I tried putting the old filter back in, but the water is still not dispensing. Any suggestions? Thanks

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20 Dec, 2006

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Some models need the filter inplace to pass water. First check it again with a new filter in just to be sure the filter isn't clogged. Next... do you hear any click or such noise from the rear of the unit when you push the water dispenser? The solenoid valves may be bad. Also check the valves at the back of the frige to see if the filter screen isn't clogged blocking water from getting into the frige all together. Let us know what you find and post again.
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