Rs2630ww How can I tell if the fan on the back is not functioning. The center column is very hot. Secondly, if the fan is not working, is that part of the warranty? My fridge is ~14 months. thanks. dlee

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20 Dec, 2006

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You should be able to see the fan spinning if you look under the frige with a flashlight to the back or feel air flow (tissue paper helps) coming from underneath it. As for the center column, if you mean the divider area between sides, that being real hot means the compressor refrigerant is overheated. It should be warm to touch not hot. Sounds like your condensor fan is out or packed full of dust bunnies and not spinning. The compressor will overheat and "trip" the thermal overload on and off so you do need that cooling fan. All the underside of the frige needs to be clean and clear of hair, pet fuzz, etc. in order to cool properly. The fan is likely out of warranty but they are cheap and easy to replace by a homeowner.
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