Fridge problems - frigidaire I purchased a frigidaire side by side a month ago and have noticed even though I keep the freezer at (-3 F) the items in the freezer are soft to the touch. Now everything is thawing. The freezer is at 36F and the fridge is at 48F. I try to change the temp to a lower temp but it will not cool. The unit is only a month old... any tips? Thanks

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Sort of sounds like the adaptive defrost board is bad and you are not going into a defrost cycle. Do you have ice build up on the lower interior freezer section? Are the vent slots full of frost/ice? Ideally, pull the freezer shelfs out and take the little aluminum panel off the interior back to look at the coils. Are they basically a block of ice and frost? The problem happens when the unit doesn't go into defrost cycle and the coils freeze up. That blocks the air flow in the freezer so you get frozen food at the bottom but soft stuff at the top. And the frige just can't get enough cool/cold air from the freezer section to cool anymore. Power surges or blackouts, etc. can just destroy the defrost circuit board. Without good air flow the unit is not going to cool properly.
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