Startup issue I got Apple cinema HD "30 (the new alluminium one) I guess I should mention that, because it looks like it is not the same model mentioned in other cases with the green power light (mine has tiny white power light). The problem is that when I turn on my pc the monitor displays the booting text quite ok, then after some seconds the monitor turns off (the white power indicator lights up) and the windows booting proceeds absolutely blindly (I just hear the windows welcome sound) and then if I unplug\plug eather small cable from the white power adapter-box or the thick power one, the monitor goes back on. I cannot understand why it happens because it happens not all the time, but approx in every second time I turn on or reset my pc. I tried to see anything with a flashlight at it, but it seemed absolutely black (really looks like it's just off) Please help me! And thank you in advance.

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Sounds like a problem in the power supply section that will need component-level electronic troubleshooting. If it's under warranty and less than 30-60 days, I would suggest an exchange. If not, I would call the number in the manual for help.
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