Oven takes a very long time to heat. Our gas oven takes a good 30 min to heat to 350 & an hour to heat to 400. We had a repair man come to take a look at it. He said this is normal. What?!? I have never had an oven take this long to heat...So, after researching it ourselves, we replaced the glow bar a year ago. Obviously, that wasn't the answer, because we still have the same problem.

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Do your burners work ok when the oven is on? if not you may have low supply pressure to your range or the regulator may be limiting the gas flow. Also, I have a wolf gas range and it takes 30 minutes to heat to 350 as well, haven't timed it to 400. Has it always taken that long? Another thing to check is the door seal. If its not sealing it could cause a long preheat. If the door seal is smashed flat and/or not soft it needs replaced. Hope this helps.
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