Noisy fan The fan on the Zanussi Oven is very noisy. Heating is not a problem. The spindle mechanism stops abrupty when turning off. I think it is the bearings - do I need a new motor? It is also very difficult to remove the blade mechanism - should I want to remove the motor. Any advice? Many thanks

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02 Feb, 2018

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The fan works in a very hostile environment of heat. It draws some cooler air from the rear of the oven, but essentially it is working in high temperatures, so bearing do wear out and motors seize. Removal is generally from behind the oven from the rear of the stove. The fan is on a shaped spindle and has a locking allen key grub screw, or the fan blade is pinched between two washers.

See the link for videos on how to replace and for spares themselves. Make sure they are model specific.

zanussi oven replace fan Google Search
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