One of the Burners does not light. The left rear burner does not work and it is not the electronic igniter as there is spark there. The burner is not getting gas. All the other burners work fine.

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There's really only three things this could be if the spark igniter is working. The burner valve is broken internally and not letting gas through, or the burner cap is not on correctly and so the gas mixture is wrong and won't ignite. Usually the burner top just gets set askew and needs to be righted so the burner can work properly. If in fact there is no gas at all coming out, you will need to replace the burner valve. The third thing it could be is only if you are having this problem on one of the burners has the X-LO feature (turns the flame on and off in simmer mode) it could be a bad gas solenoid, or controller. These X-Lo systems are quite complicated and it may be worth your time to pay a thermadore servicer to check it out if its not a simple fix. Hope this is of some help.
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