TV goes into standby after approx one hour Can anyone help. My tv works fine for about an hour then switches off and goes into standby. It can be switched on again but then goes to standby after about ten minutes. I've had this tv for six years now and this is my first problem with it. Any advice would be most appreciated. Many thanks. Maurice

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15 Jan, 2018

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Capacitors that are going bad in the power supply is the usual problem. Six years, however, would be a long time for this problem to show up. Cheapest fix is (in order): (1) Replace all electrolytic capacitors in the power supply board - about $20.00 for parts. The really, really big high-voltage ones are probably OK unless you see a bulge in the top.
(2) Replace the power supply board entirely (with new one - not used from eBay) (3) Come back here if these don't fix it. I have fixed many TVs with this issue and 90% is capacitor related.
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