Leak from icemaker shorts electricity in house Ice maker leaks on 5 yr old side by side fridge freezer but I dont know why. Ice seems to be made in normal way. Water dispenses OK from door. But the gulley in the bottom of ice bin freezes solid so the auger wont turn and hence trips out the electicity in the house. Water also leaks down back wall of freezer and freezes in little rivers. Invades the fan and causes it to stop working. Water tube is NOT blocked and in any case was replaced with one with an air slot to prevent freezing in the tube. I need to stop the block of ice from forming in the bin, stopping the auger motor and I need to stop the leak down the back of the freezer. I cant live without electricity in the house!

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11 Dec, 2006

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It sounds like the ice in the bin is warming up enough to melt for some reason then re-freeze. Check your door gasket seal and also the ice chute door flapper seal to make sure warm room air isn't being drawn into the ice bin area. Also make sure the freezer area is VERY cold like 0 degrees F or lower, that will keep the ice hard and help stop the ice from having a liquid surface film from opening and closing the freezer door too often (then freezing again). The water down the back is from the ice cubes melting a little then re-freezing. Also, is the frige working OK? Does the compressor turn on and off normally? I ask because sometimes the compress start device is failing and the refer can warm up quite a bit while the compressor is trying to start up... eventually the compressor will start but by then the ice has melted a little then the compressor runs for a long time to bring the temps down again. Monitoring with a thermometer every hour will show if the temps are lowering in the freezer section too much.
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