Water stopped coming out of the dispenser Went to get water this morning and the water dispenser does not give me water anymore. I hear the motor running when I hit the button. Nothing comes out. I ordered a replacement catridge. Would that be a catridge that would cause that? Can I test without the cartridge? I have a Kenmore 74252 with the water in the upper left corner of the fridge. Any help would be appreciated.

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11 Dec, 2006

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Your filter would have to be VERY dirty and fully plugged up for that to happen along with no ice maker production too. Did you happen to move the frige recently where the line in the back is kinked closed? Any recent plumbing work could have put debris in the line and plugged the screen on the solenoid valve. Simplest test is to pull the frige out and see if you have water from the wall valve. If you disconnect the line at the frige and turn the wall valve back on you should have water flow of course (clean without debris). It may be that the line is frozen up also, that means leaving the unit off for a day to see if the line will defrost. If the solenoid valve is working you would hear the loud "click" of the valve.
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