Emptying resivoir? We are removing the tile flooring in our kitchen and must move the fridge out of there. The problem is that we turned off the water line (we believe), and water is still coming out of the dispenser! We have left it in for fear that water will spill out if we remove the water line at the back. So question is A)Is the water going to spill out if we remove it? B)how do we drain the resevoir? (for future notice) C)how can we be certain that the water line we shut off in our basement is the correct line to the fridge? Joey V

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If you shut off the right valve, water to the frige will be cut off. The dispensor may have a small spurt left from the pressure in the lines but it should quickly stop. No water will leak out the back valves since they are shut. Some water from the defrost cycles may be in the lower catch pan by the compressor but that's about it. If you have water off and can still get a full glass out the dispensor... then you don't have the correct valve turned off. Usually, there is a cut off valve in the wall just behind the refer to turn off the water. If you disconnect the hose once water valve is off only the water in the line will drain.
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