No water at the door 2 Ok, here goes again. I have no water in the door dispenser. I pulled fridge out and disconnected line at solenoid and when front lever is pressed, there is water expelled from tube. I reconnected tube and moved to the underside of door and disconnected the line again. Then I pressed the front water lever and once again it dispensed water like it should. But once I re-connect the line at the base of the freezer door, there is no water coming from the front of the fridge dispenser when the lever is pressed. I must have a blockage in the door somehow. What should I do now? How does the door come apart? Thanks, Ben (

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OK that's good troubleshooting! You likely have the tube in the door freezing causing the blockage. Check and see if you have lots of screws under the door seal area, if ya do then remove all the screws and you can pull the inner door off. There you will see the water tube, the aluminum heater area, etc. The tubes usually freeze due to lack of factory insulation right at the sharp bend to the door dispensor. Check that your door heater is working also but it never hurts to add extra insulation around the tube. Also seal all little passages the tube goes through to keep air from being pulled inside the door. If you don't have any screws under the door seal rubber... the door is a foamed in place model and you can't do anything about it but check the heater is still working. That means a whole new door...
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