Compressor not running. Like other ad listed... Compressor off. There was loads of fuzz on the cooling lines. I cleaned it off. Ha dunplugged 45 min. Now, fan and no compressor. Compressor is warm still. Clicks when plugged in. IF it is the starter, where and can I fix it or is it electrical?? HELP and thanks! RT

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30 Nov, 2006

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The fan running near the compressor is a good thing. If you suspect the starter it is the little box on the compressor. It usually consists of the overload and starter. You may also have a start capacitor, if you do you will need a multimeter that can check capacitors. Read the case, it should be say like a 5uf (micro farad) or something like that. They make kits to replace the starter/overload combo and also sell just a capacitor if that tests bad. I have seen some starters that are white in color with a small white plastic clip that holds the cover on go bad recently. If you have this type, take it off and shake it. If it rattles it's bad (really).
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