Overload I have my receiver hooked up to a variable audio control on my tv so I have to turn the volume up quite high on the receiver (55-60) so I can get the loudness I want when I turn my tv volume up. I have run it this way for several years. Now when I run my receiver at this higher level for a period of time (about 20-30 minutes) while watching tv through the surround sound, the receiver shuts down and flashes "overload". If I turn the receiver off and back on it seems to work fine but will automatically turn the volume down for me. The troubleshooting in the manual says the speakers are being overloaded because of high volume or terminal short circuit. I have not had this problem in using it in this exact manner for over 4 years so I am suspect that the speakers could all of the sudden be overloaded. My concern is where do you think the problem lies, in the receiver or in the speakers.

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13 Mar, 2017

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Firstly check all your speaker wiring. Any damage can cause a short which will overload the system. You might not notice it, due to the fact that when you have the system on loud, vibrations move the wires on the cabinets or elsewhere. So make certain there are no loose wires near the speakers terminals into each one. If all that is good go to the next check.
Check If the amp is getting VERY hot when the overload occurs, then it might have a faulty part(s) on it. This might have occurred if you have been using speakers that never did match the amps requirements in the first place.
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