Food in refrigerator freezing solid toward back of compartment Food in our refrigerator is freezing solid in the refrigerator compartment if it is placed halfway back or all the way to the back on a shelf. Salsa, for example, is frozen solid! We had the thermostat replaced two months ago, and it seemed a bit better, but is now doing it again. Any ideas? The refrigerator is 9 years old, model mtb2456.

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30 Nov, 2006

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Sounds like the damper or damper belt may be at fault. The cold air enters the refer compartment through the damper in the back. If that damper is not controled to close/open as needed it is likely stuck fully open all the time. That will let cold air in no matter what the t-stat says. See if you can view with a mirror and see if the damper "blinds" are fully open. If the t-stat is turned all the way down the dampers should close, as less cold air is needed. Then, as the t-stat is turned up, the dampers open to let in cold air from the freezer compartment. Let us know what you find and we can go from there.
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