Black screen i have a toshiba 3320 and it has a feature on it that if you want to reduce the quality of some pics you can do it right on the cam, you know to give it more space. well i did this and the batteries died in the middle of this process. and now i when i go to the auto or manual setting to take a pic it freezes and turns on for a sec then off, then back on. so the only thing i can do is go to the images already taken. i cant take any more. i have cleared the images but it still makes it where i cant go to the auto or manual to take the pic.

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05 May, 2017

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Unfortunately, if there is a power loss while a camera's software is being updated, it can (and in this case apparently has) corrupt the control software. You may be able to download the latest firmware to correct this fault, but otherwise you may need to replace the camera.
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