ASKO Overfill protection tripped Hi, we have an Asko D3120 dishwasher that had a blocked pipe and the overfill protection was tripped. I've cleared the pipe and the water immediately pumped out of it. Now when I plug it back in the pump is still running and can't be stopped. Pushing the power button on the machine has no impact nor do any of the other buttons. The only way to stop it is to unplug it from the mains. I've run Asko and they tell me it requires a service techinician at a cost of $95 per 15 minutes plus parts. Since I know the problem was a blocked pipe and now it's not blocked I'm hesitant to pay a technician to come and 'reset' the machine. Does anyone know how I can reset it myself or what needs to happen for it to register that the problem is now resolved?

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24 Nov, 2006

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Ok, heres what you have to do. Remove the lower toe kick and then remove the panel behind that to gain entry to the lower portion of the dishwasher wher the guts are. You will also have to pull out the little brackets that hold the toe kick and all the screws will be t-15 or t-20 torx (little star shaped bits) Once you have all the panels out of the way, you will find water in the bottom of the tray there tripping the overflow switch. Remove the water with a wet vac or towel or something and the drain pump will stop running. If you can't or don't want to do all this, then just let the dishwasher sit for a few days or so and eventually the water will just evaporate and everything will work normally. Hope This Helps!
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