Fridge not getting cold, fan tested and working but not being switched Ok, fridge no longer getting cold, removed fan from within freezer from behind panel and tested it and it runs fine. So it must be lack of power getting to it. Checked all connection when reinstalling and all looked okay. Help, what now? What determines whether the fan receives power and how do I resolve. Unit out of guarantee and I am a student who cannot afford the £95 call out fee. Have tried having the power off for 2 hours to ensure everything was fully powered down but when switched back on nothing. Freezer is working fine.

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The fan won't run if the unit is in a "defrost" cycle. It turns the fan and compressor off so the heater can defrost the coils. If the evap fan isn't running and the compressor isn't running then you may be stuck in a defrost cycle. See if you have a defrost timer that can be manually advanced (looks like a screw head that can only turn clockwise direction). It could be located in the frige section on the roof area. Usually a small hole mixed in with other screw holes that you will have to look up into and see the clock dial screw head. If you find that, manually turn the screw (it will click as notches go by) until you can hear the compressor and fan turn on. If that happens you likely have a bad defrost timer. If you have an "adaptive" defrost unit it will be a small circuit board that controls the defrost cycle and you will have to replace the board.
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