Not making Ice I posted a question earlier about my freezer not freezing and water not working. I followed the advice of unplugging and letting it sit with the doors open for a few days. However, when I pluged it back in the icemaker is not working. The freezer seems to be working and the water is working. But, there is no ice in the bucket and I don't hear the water filling into the ice tray. Can you help?

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24 Nov, 2006

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Letting it defrost was probably suggested in case the fill line was froze up. To make ice the freezer section must be 17 degrees or colder (colder is better) and of course water must be getting to the valve with the valve working to put water in. Can you hear the water valve solenoid "click" when it tries to fill the tray? If the water valve is clicking on for a few seconds during a fill cycle and no water comes out you would have to check all your water system to see where the stop is. I would suspect the motor module isn't working if no fill cycle, etc. is even trying to run. Pull the square plastic cover off the end of the ice maker and you should see a large gear and a small gear. Press on the large gear a little to see if you can make the electrical contacts make a connection under the gear. Also check that the little tabs that hold the gear on are not broken allowing the gear to come off, etc. The little fingers in the ice tray should be at about the 2 o'clock position when in "park", if the fingers are any other position the motor module is likely dead. Sometimes pressing on the large gear a little will make the electrical contact better and it will S L O W L Y start turning, if this happens it will run normal and start making ice again but eventually will fail the same way. Check these things and let us know how it goes. I've put a link on so you can see the parts and order if you need to.
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