Problem in Samsung rs 2555sl Side by Side Refrigerator Troubleshooting Foru If the defrost timer, defrost heat element or defrost t-stat isn't working then you will not have a defrost where do i find the defost timer or deforst t-stat .how it look like.i did remove all around the frige and frezer.the back. on top but didn't see any .the defrost timer i know it. but i didn't see what ever i can open i did all but didn't see or may be my refrigeration SAMSUNGRS2555SL is different with these other.because my refrigeration SAMSUNG RS2555SL on the display at the front is digital (i open the frontjust see only the board and the all the chip) thank you

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24 Nov, 2006

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Look at the link attached, the defrost t-stat is #38 (thermo bimetal). Clips to the coil, looks like a round device with wires on it. Defrost t-stat is normally closed to allow power to the heat element and opens when hot enough to stop the defrost cycle. Heat element #43 should not test "open" with a multi meter, there should be some Ohm value there to show it's good. The defrost timer could be a clock type or circuit board type, page through the links diagrams and you should be able to see where it is physically located in your particular unit.
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