Freezer Not Freezing and Water Not Working My son left the freezer door open all day. When we came home from work in the evening there was water on the floor and the water dispenser wasn't working (the ice works, just not the water). The next day it still isn't freezing and the water isn?t working and now it seems like the refrigerator side isn?t cooling either. Please Help!!

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23 Nov, 2006

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More than likely you've got an iced up evaporater. If you look in the lower section of the freezer on the back wall, is the wall frosty or icy looking? The only way to defrost this is by taking the back wall out of the freezer and using a hair dryer on it (being careful not to melt the plastic liner) or to just empty the whole thing and let it sit with the doors open for a few days. Be prepared for water to leak out from under it however as the ice melts and overflows the drain tray in the bottom of the fridge. Good Luck!
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